Refund Policy

Refund Policy

Refund policy for LIVE Webinar/On-Demand/Pre-Recorded:

UpSkill Educator will issue 100% of order amount as refund if the live webinars / On-Demand /Pre Recorded Webinars is being cancelled in the following circumstances: 

  • Cancelled by UpSkill Educator due to unforeseen circumstances, peril of god or any technical problems. 
  • Cancelled by a customer at least five days before the webinar date. 

UpSkill Educator does not hold any liability to refund in the following scenario:

  • If a customer/attendee has left the webinar in the middle of it after logging in. 
  • If there is any technical problem at customer/attendee’s end. 

Refund policy for DVD/Transcript/Any Digital Download:

  • UpSkill Educator will issue 100% money refund, in case of cancellation of DVD/CD or Transcript order before webinar occurrence date.
  • If you have received damaged or non-functional DVD/CD, then customer shall return it within 20 days after delivery. 
  • No refund is possible in the case of transcript or any other digital downloads.

Refund policy for combo offer:

This Policy is applicable if the customer has bought any combination of Live Webinar, On-demand, DVD, Transcript or any digital download.

  • If you are making a part cancellation of the order a minimum of five days before the webinar occurrence, you would be charged according to original price of the product availed and rest of the amount will be refunded back to your account. 
  • Policy for Live/On-demand/Pre-recorded Webinar and DVD/Transcript/Any digital download stands along with this combo offer policy.

For any general questions about your registration, refund status and complaints regarding your refund, please write to or call us at +1-888-407-9644.

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